Low Vision

Two ASB HS students participate in a team exercise at an event in the ASDB gym. A young woman is in the middle between the boy and the girl. All three stand closely together and have their hands interlocked.The ASDB Low Vision Program provides services to students already identified as visually impaired, birth through 21 years of age, who are enrolled in an early intervention or educational program throughout the state of Arizona.

Students already enrolled in programs have access to the following services through the Low Vision Program:

  • Assistance in identifying goals for low vision services
  • Pre-assessment for clinical low vision exams
  • Clinical low vision exams
  • Assistance in obtaining low vision devices
  • Instruction in the use of devices in school, at home, in the community, and in the work place
  • Re-evaluation for new devices and training as needed  

Other services provided by the Low Vision Program for ASDB staff, parents of students enrolled in ASDB programs, and professionals throughout the state of Arizona include:

  • In-service education in low vision topic areas
  • Consultative services to professionals
  • Support and education to parents of students with low vision
  • Assistance to teachers and parents in identifying goals for low vision services
  • Assistance with coordination of low vision services