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Group photo of ASDB Human Resources staff.Arizona State Schools for the Deaf and the Blind (ASDB) is an agency of the State of Arizona government, providing comprehensive services in a variety of home and educational settings for children who are blind, visually impaired, deaf, hard of hearing or deafblind. Phoenix Day School for the Deaf is located in Phoenix while the Arizona School for the Deaf and the Arizona School for the Blind are based in Tucson. Additional ASDB cooperative programs that work in partnership with local school districts have office locations in Phoenix, Tucson, Yuma, Flagstaff and Holbrook.

ASDB Employee Handbook

Illuminating Abilities for a Better Future

Throughout the State of Arizona, ASDB is seeking employees to provide children with quality education and tools for the future.

Post Date Job ID Title Location Category
06/12/2014 9866 Educational Interpreter Holbrook Interpreters/Translators
06/10/2014 9827 Educational Interpreter Kingman Education/Training
06/10/2014 10133 Outreach Coordinator HI Phoenix Education/Training
06/10/2014 9658 Teacher HI (Elementary) Phoenix Education/Training
06/10/2014 9931 Teacher HI (MDSSI) Tucson Education/Training
06/09/2014 9999 Educational Interpreter Tucson Interpreters/Translators
06/09/2014 9932 Teacher Itinerant VI Phoenix Education/Training
06/09/2014 9998 Teacher (Preschool) Phoenix Education/Training
05/22/2014 9665 Educational Interpreter Kingman Education/Training
05/21/2014 9699 Teacher Itinerant HI Phoenix Education/Training
05/14/2014 9364 Teacher HI (Career Technical Ed) Phoenix Education/Training
05/14/2014 9146 Teacher HI (Physical Ed) Phoenix Education/Training
05/13/2014 9074 Teacher HI (Culinary) Phoenix Education/Training
04/23/2014 8776 Teacher Itinerant HI Phoenix Education/Training
04/21/2014 9098 Occupational Therapist Phoenix Education/Training
04/08/2014 7482 Technical Aide I Intervenor Tucson Education/Training
04/02/2014 8651 Instructional Assist I HI Phoenix Education/Training
02/17/2014 8016 Teacher Itinerant HI Phoenix Education/Training
02/07/2014 8044 Educational Transcriber Phoenix Education/Training
02/04/2014 7803 Instructional Assist I HI Phoenix Education/Training
02/04/2014 7814 Teacher HI Phoenix Education/Training
11/25/2013 6066 Teacher VI (Social Studies) Tucson Education/Training
11/06/2013 6063 Teacher (ASL) Tucson Education/Training
08/22/2013 4486 Teacher HI (HIgh School Life Skills) Phoenix Education/Training
08/13/2013 4219 Teacher HI (Elementary) Phoenix Education/Training
08/08/2013 4207 Principal - Arizona School f/t Deaf Tucson Education/Training
07/26/2013 3942 Supervising Teacher HI/HIgh School Tucson Education/Training
07/02/2013 3445 Teacher Itinerant HI Yuma Education/Training
06/07/2013 661 Teacher HI (S Social Studies) Phoenix Education/Training
05/23/2013 2419 Teacher HI (HS Math) Tucson Education/Training
05/08/2013 2090 Teacher HI (MS English-5th/6th Grade) Phoenix Education/Training
02/25/2013 349 Senior Educational Interpreter Phoenix Interpreters/Translators
02/25/2013 328 Teacher Mdssi (MS Applied Academics) Phoenix Education/Training
02/23/2013 341 Teacher HI (HS English) Phoenix Education/Training
02/23/2013 303 Teacher Itinerant HI Window Rock Education/Training


Additional support positions are available. azstatejobs.gov


All career opportunities for the Arizona State School for the Deaf and Blind are located on the State of Arizona website at azstatejobs.gov. All external candidates must apply through the State of Arizona website. All current State of Arizona employees apply through the YES website.

Need Help? Try reading our Directions on How to Apply.

Having trouble applying at azstatejobs.gov? Please contact HRIS help desk at 602.542.4700 and select option 9. 

If you have questions about career opportunities please contact ASDB Human Resources Recruitment at:

520.770.3245 or 520.770.3269



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The State of Arizona and ASDB offers a competitive total compensation package (salary + benefits). In 2011, new teachers received an average total compensation package of $42,023.00 per year. In addition, they were also eligible to receive several performance based stipends.


SINGLE $40.00
EMP+ADULT $119.00
EMP+CHILD $101.00
FAMILY $221.00

SINGLE $155.00
EMP+ADULT $350.00
EMP+CHILD $331.00
FAMILY $486.00

SINGLE $26.00
EMP+ADULT $102.00
EMP+CHILD $81.00
FAMILY $193.00

We also offer Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, Life and Disability Insurance, Short and Long Term Disability, Flexible Spending Accounts, Computer Purchase Program, Employee Assistance Program, Supplemental Life Insurance, Dependent Life Insurance, and Mail Order Prescriptions.