Three HS ASD girls wearing blue and white have painted their faces and hair blue and white and are wearing accessories of the same colors for Spirit Week.School Tax Credit Form PDF PDF

ASDB can always use donations of time and money to help support our students and programs at our Tucson Campus, our Phoenix Campus (The Phoenix Day School for the Deaf), and ASDB's five Regional Cooperative Programs located throughout Arizona.

If you are interested in donating your time please Email the Volunteer Coordinator or if you are interested in donating money to ASDB, there are a number of different opportunities to suit each donor's particular wish. ASDB welcomes Tuition Tax Credit donations, bequests and direct donations of money.

Donations can be earmarked for the specific purpose the donor intends. For information on Tuition Tax Credit donations, identifying ASDB in a bequest, or donating money to ASDB, please E-mail the Donations Coordinator or call (520) 770-3826 for more information. Click here for the Tax Credit Form.

In addition, donors may be interested in donating to the Arizona Blind and Deaf Children's Foundation. This Foundation is separate from the ASDB Agency, and supports blind and deaf children throughout the ASDB Agency. Funds raised by or donated to the Foundation support a variety of student programs. For more information, including information on the Foundation's annual Gala Fundraising event, visit their website by clicking on the link above.