Counseling and Case Management

Two ASD ES students hold their just awarded Character Counts certificates in front of themselves. Behind them are Character Counts posters.AT ASDB Character Counts!
 The counselors and case managers at ASDB coordinate and support the Character COUNTS! Program for all students. The mission of the program is to encourage students to act and live with positive character values. The framework of the program is based on 6 pillars of character:


For more information on CHARACTER COUNTS!, please go to

Four ASD ES students and their teacher sit on the gym bleachers for a pep rally. The students have their faces painted and are waving blue streamers. The teacher is seated in the middle and she is wearing a blue shirt.The counselors at ASDB are proud to provide a variety of unique and supportive services to students in grades K-12. Elementary, middle, and high school department counselors are available to assist with students’ individual needs. Counseling is one of ASDB’s related services and identified within the Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) when appropriate. Counseling services are provided in individual and group settings, focusing on problem solving skills, self-esteem building, identification and recognition of personal feelings/emotions, and awareness of healthy life-style choices. In addition, counseling services for high school students focus on transition and career planning, assisting students with future employment and post-secondary educational goals.

The counselors’ primary focus is the well-being and support of students; assisting students in their daily academic classes, and success in social interactions with their peers and adults. The ASDB counselors approach each student with respect and caring, challenging him/her to achieve his/her utmost potential of being a contributing citizen in his/her community.  

Three HS students seated on a cement bench outside the Food Service building are taking a break from the ASDB Science Fair.INDIVIDUAL/GROUP COUNSELING:
Students can receive individual and/or group counseling based on the presenting problem. Group counseling may focus on issues of: friendship, bullying, social skills, anger management, disability-related concerns and classroom behavioral problems. Every effort is made to have as little impact upon the academic instructional time as possible. As part of the referral process for counseling, the parent will be notified.

An ASD teacher and HS student stand in breezeway of the HS building. Both are wearing blue and have their faces painted blue and white for Spirit Week. The woman and the girl are both sign GUIDANCE COUNSELOR:
In high school, students may receive assistance with applying for post-secondary education programs, career planning, referral to Rehabilitation Services, summer programs, and registration for appropriate testing (i.e. Pima Community College assessments, ACT, SAT.)

Upon referral, a student may be assigned a case manager to assist with coordinating services among medical, behavioral and/or other community agencies as necessary.

An audience of ASDB students cheering and waving colorful balloons at a Character Counts event in the Berger Performing Arts center. One girl is standing at the side holds up two balloons.PREVENTITIVE PROGRAMS, EDUCATIONAL WORKSHOP & COMMUNITY SERVICES
Throughout the school year, the counselors provide workshops and classroom support that may relate to:

  • drugs and alcohol education
  • bullying and harassment
  • tolerance
  • suicide prevention
  • self-esteem building
  • personal safety
  • career awareness
  • college recruiting
  • character education  

Student Volunteer Opportunities Within the local community, students have an opportunity to volunteer at:

  • Casa Maria Soup Kitchen
  • Ben’s Bells