ASDB is an agency of the State of Arizona Government, reporting to the Governor’s Office, providing services to deaf, hard of hearing, blind, visually impaired, and deafblind children throughout the state of Arizona through three site-based programs, five regional cooperatives, and a statewide early intervention program.


Superintendent, (Vacant)
Acting Assistant SuperintendentMr. William Koehler
Accountability, Dr. Lisa Jackson
Early Childhood and Family Education/Educational Resource Center, Assistant Director, Ms. Kelly Birmingham
Facilities, Assistant Director, Mr. Steve McManus
Finance and Facilities, Executive Director, Mr. Terry Pritchard
Human Resources, Executive Director, Ms. Maria Murphy
Information Technology, Director, Mr. Paul Creasy
Professional Development,  Dr. Lisa Jackson
Arizona School for the Blind (ASB), Principal, 
Arizona School for the Deaf (ASD),  Principal, 
Phoenix Day School for the Deaf (PDSD), Principal, Ms. Lisa Svenningsen
Phoenix Day School for the Deaf (PDSD), Assistant Principal, Ms. Courtney Fritz
Eastern Highlands Regional Cooperative (EHR), Director, Ms. Ruth Parsons
Desert Valleys Regional Cooperative (DVR), Director, Ms. Jan Goetze
Desert Valleys Regional Cooperative (DVR), Assistant Director, Ms. Susan Parr
North Central Regional Cooperatives (NCR), Director,  Ms. Jane MacDonald
North Central Regional Cooperatives (NCR), Assistant Director, 
Southeast Regional Cooperative (SER), Director, Ms. Pia Benson
Southeast Regional Cooperative (SER), Assistant Director, Ms. Doris Woltman
Southwest Regional Cooperative (SWR), Director, Dr. Wemme Walls