ASDB Regional CooperativesArizona map displaying the Co-op Regional areas.

The five ASDB Regional Cooperatives partner with local school districts in Arizona. The goal of the partnership is to provide appropriate educational programs and services for students who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind, visually impaired or deaf-blind. The joint efforts of the local school and the Cooperative help these students succeed in the general education environment.

Desert Valleys Regional Cooperative (DVR) 602.771.5200
Serving the Phoenix metro area and part of Gila County
Eastern Highlands Regional Cooperative (EHR) 928.524.1320
Serving northeastern Arizona
North Central Regional Cooperative (NCR) 928.774.0655
Serving the northern region of Arizona including: Prescott, Verde Valley Region, Sedona, Kingman, Navajo/Hopi Reservation and Flagstaff
Southeast Regional Cooperative (SER) 520.770.3200
Serving the Tucson area and southeastern Arizona
Southwest Regional Cooperative (SWR) 928.317.0429
Serving southwestern Arizona

Meeting Student Needs
Desert mesa scenery with snow at the base of mountainASDB’s Regional Cooperatives are an integral part of the continuum of service provision options available to students who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind, visually impaired, or deaf-blind in Arizona. This continuum ranges from integration into general education classrooms in the student’s neighborhood school to placement at one of ASDB site-based programs. Services, accommodations, modifications and placement decisions for each student are made by the student’s IEP team considering the least restrictive environment that will meet the student’s unique needs. Attention is given to student placement that promotes appropriate linguistic and social development. Student needs are highly individualized and impacted by issues such as age of the student, hearing or vision levels, age of onset, and the presence or absence of additional disabilities.


Highway in the desert with blue sky and cloudsASDB Regional Cooperatives provide an array of services and personnel for students who are being served in a variety of settings in their home school district, including full or partial inclusion in general education classrooms, resource rooms, and self-contained special education classes.

Services of the ASDB Regional Cooperatives:

Assistance with identification of student needs

Evaluation of educational implications

Specialized instruction and related services

Specialized equipment and materials

Implementation of accommodations and modifications in the general education program

Staff development for local school district staff working with identified students.

Desert scenery with green trees and grassesADDITIONAL INFORMATION

"Individuals wanting more information about services in local school districts for students who are deaf/hard of hearing, or who have a visual impairment need to contact their respective school district Office for Special Education services. Many Arizona school districts use the ASDB Regional Cooperatives to provide these special services, however there are also districts who employ their own special teachers and support staff."

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